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TREC “Don’t Do These Things” List

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I’m not professing or holding myself out to be a police of TREC violations. I am offering some friendly reminders to my colleagues and customers whom I know always want to do the right thing but sometimes we need a refresher on the basic “do not do” list. When negotiating contracts that bind a sale, option, lease or rental of any real property, a licensee shall use only the promulgated TREC contract forms with the exceptions of an agent representing herself as a principal, not as an agent or prepared by an attorney. A licensee cannot offer or give legal advice which also includes giving advice or opinions as to the legalities of any contract or any form that affects the title to property. We don’t give opinions about the…
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Systems in a Real Estate Office: Common Agent Mistakes

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Systems are the saving grace for keeping your broker, agent, manager, buyer, seller, title company, mortgage company, inspector, appraiser, surveyor out of trouble. Knowing that systems work why do we sometimes get sloppy in keeping systems in place? Here are some definitive suggestions that have come across in conversation with long time pros that every office should consider to "stay out of trouble". Allowing real estate licensees to give an IABS, Information About Brokerage Services, to the seller or buyer at the time of contract. The information in the form was intended to be given prior to any substantive conversations taking place. Commercial agents readily state they hand over the IABS to the buyer at the same time the agent writes the lease or offer to purchase contract. They have…
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