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Real Estate News Now: December 4, 2017

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Take a look at this week’s roundup of real estate news from our Real Estate News Now Blog Series! Don’t forget – there’s something for everyone to read! Whether you are clicking to see real estate innovations, trends or news article making waves around our country or just want to share with your circle of influence, make sure to share your comments at Champions School of Real Estate’s Facebook and Twitter pages!

How Well Do You Know Real Estate? Time to Find Out // REAL ESTATE QUIZ

“How Well Do You Know Real Estate? Time to Find Out Is real estate a countercyclical sector? Answers to these and other questions in this WSJ quiz.” – Wall Street Journal

Nextdoor expanding real estate listings into new cities //INDUSTRY LEADERS

“Earlier this year, Nextdoor, the neighborhood social network, expanded into real estate by launching a real estate section on its website and in its app that featured real estate listings in the user’s neighborhood and nearby areas.” – HousingWire

How Blockchain Is Breathing New Life Into Virtual Real Estate // NEW TECH

“Because of the various possible applications of VR, virtual real estate can now function similarly to real-world properties that they can be sold, leased, and used for virtual activities. Blockchain could help formalize the market for these virtual properties.” – Forbes

7 strategies to grow your real estate business // MARKETING

“This is the time when real estate agents across the country are thinking about what they can do to make next year their best year ever. The market has been very strong, giving many agents an opportunity to increase sales transactions and earn more income than they have in years.” – inman

What To Expect From Real Estate Tech In 2018 // REAL ESTATE TECH

“The real estate tech sector is being shaped by shifting market conditions and changes in consumer behaviors. Every year, my company tracks and analyzes emerging trends in real estate tech to better understand technology’s impact on the industry. The purpose is to help prepare real estate professionals and organizations for the future by collecting, assessing and reporting the trends that will most impact them.” – Forbes

There’s something for everyone to read, so make sure to share your thoughts with is over at the Champions School of Real Estate Facebook and Twitter pages!