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Real Estate News Now: May 15, 2017


Take a look through this week’s roundup of real estate news from our Real Estate News Now Blog Series! Don’t forget that there’s something for everyone to read, so whether you click to increase your awareness of the real estate innovations, trends and news article making waves around our country or simply want to share with your circle of influence, make sure to share what articles resonated with you the most in the comments at Champions School of Real Estate’s Facebook and Twitter pages!

1.  Cover raises $1.6 million to make in-law units easy to add to any backyard  //TECH

“Cover’s software helps people determine what kind of livable shed they’re permitted to build on their properties, according to local regulations. It jogs them through a survey of 50 to 100 questions about the land they’re building on, and how they plan to use the new living space, then churns out design options.”

2.  What’s the best market for first-time homebuyers? //TOP MARKETS

“Beyond the warm weather and picturesque beaches, Floridians now have some something else to gloat about — having two of the most affordable markets for first-time buyers.”

3.  The top 10 cities for new grads looking for a job //TOP MARKETS

“Data provided by Monster, the employment website, show the best and worst cities for job seekers, based on the number of openings. Monster used the CEB TalentNeuron tool to analyze all entry-level job ads posted online from January 1 to March 22, 2017 that require a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree.”

4. Mortgage Default Explained: What Really Happens When You Can’t Pay Up //FINANCIAL ADVICE

“If you’ve got a mortgage, we hope your mama hammered home how important it is to make those mortgage payments on time, every month. This is not the kind of thing you want to let slide, folks! Still, life isn’t a fairy tale (sadly), and not all mortgages end happily ever after. Sometimes people just can’t pay their home loan and end up in mortgage default. Here’s what you need to know, and how to stay out of this scary scenario.”

5. 10 Sneaky Tricks to Make Your Living Room Look Expensive //DIY UPGRADES

“Next to the kitchen, the living room is arguably the most important room in the home. True to its name, it’s where life happens. It’s where guests gather, where you spend lazy evenings by the fire (or basking in the soft glow of Netflix—no judgment here), and, in most floor plans, one of the first spaces you see upon entering your home.” 


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