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Real Estate News Now: September 19, 2016


In this Real Estate Now, we discuss affordable – and beautiful – prefab homes that focus on environmentally-friendly design, the going-away of the starter home trend, how real estate agents are like magicians and more!

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1.  What happened to the ‘starter home?’

“Today, first-time homeowners are buying more square footage and putting down roots, in what may mark a fundamental change in family housing. But experts say there are still ways for families who can’t afford fancier properties to cope.”

2.  The prefab home that’s beautiful but affordable

“With the ever-increasing emphasis on environmental-friendly design, the prefab market has been enjoying great popularity. And as we will see today here on homify 360°, the prefabricated home can be just as drop-dead-gorgeous as any other house. Let’s take a look at some high-class renderings that focus on a stylish little creation that flaunts a charming and suburban-beauty type look that can be perfect for the young family living out a carefree life in the suburbs.”

3.  3 lessons that real estate agents can learn from magicians

“Magicians and real estate agents have more in common that you might think. “We’re always operating in an unpredictable landscape, and we never know what’s going to happen,” said magician David Kwong. Sound a lot like like your typical day trying to keep up with changes in the market and unpredictable clients?”

4.  Free web tool offers help for farmers, real estate professionals and lenders

“An improved online tool gives information from many sources on land tracts. The free Ag Site Assessment Tool is a web application that offers data on physical, cultural and environmental characteristics of the land. It is available at”

5.  1031 Exchange Rules Every Real Estate Investor Should Know

“Taxes rarely make for exciting reading material, but if you own an investment property, there’s at least one set of IRS regulations you absolutely will want to understand: 1031 exchange rules. Why? Because normally when you sell an investment property for more than what you paid for it, you’d have to pay a hefty capital gains tax.”

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