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Home Inspection: 10 Most Common Home Defects Nationally

An analysis by Repair Pro of more than 50,000 home inspection reports revealed thousands of dollars in identified repair costs during the home purchasing process. For instance, the study found more than 1 million repairs were needed across 50,000 homes, while the average home required more than $11,000 in repairs. The video below highlights the 10 most common home defects nationally below:

Here are the 10 Most Common Home Defects Nationally:

  1. Doors need adjusting and servicing
  2. Faucets and heads need servicing
  3. Exterior caulking and sealant are missing
  4. Outlets or switches with deficiencies
  5. No GFCI protection
  6. Absence of or defective smoke alarms
  7. Cosmetic sheetrock cracks or nail pops
  8. Fixtures and/or bulb deficiencies
  9. Interior Caulking, grout and sealer are missing
  10. Service panel deficiencies