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Social Media Inspiration: 8 Seasonal Post Ideas for Fall!


Dear Champions – If your social media inspiration is taking a little bit of a hit as the year comes to a close, take a look at these eight real estate social media posts perfect for the season!

  1. Holiday Event Schedule – The holidays are coming, and your area is soon to be abuzz with fall festivals, seasonal trade shows, and special holiday events – take a look at local event calendars online and write a blog with a list of calendar listings in your area. Share this as a blog post and use it to drive traffic to your website!
  2. Video Tips to Get Homes Ready for Fall & Winter – Have some great tips for keeping homes in good condition for Fall & Winter? Why not shoot a quick video sharing your tips with your friends, clients, and colleagues? You can create a video series of short, sharp tips that you can use on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Make sure to introduce yourself at the beginning of the video and close with how to get in touch with you!
  3. Fall Decor Ideas – Use your Open Houses as Staging Examples – Seasonal scents of apple and cinnamon, cozy accents on sofas and chairs with throw pillows and plush throws, a crackly fireplace – don’t these just make you want to go yourself at home? Take snapshots of your cozy staging and share them on social media when promoting your open house!
  4. Holiday Posts – Prepare to wish your network a very happy holiday! – Schedule holiday posts for the day of the holidays you are celebrating – and make sure to prepare them in advance! Using tools like Buffer (one of our favorites here at Champions School of Real Estate) you can schedule your posts ahead of time to make sure you’re covered while you enjoy the holiday!
  5. Cold Weather Day? Share favorite comfort food recipe or tip! – If you are hit by a cold front, don’t forget to share the recipe for warm, delicious soup or any other dish you’re particularly fond of. Create a blog post on your website that has a graphic with the list of ingredients and preparation instructions along with the actual recipe in the post.
  6. Pop-By Gifts – If you do pop-by gifts, make sure you snap a picture or quick video of your handiwork to share on social media. The gesture will go a long way – try this website for some great fall pop-by gift ideas!
  7. Come to the rescue for your network and help them prepare for the Holiday Season! – Do you have a list of tips to prepare a home for holiday travel? (Here are some ideas!) What about a list of local, reliable references (plumbers, handymen, central heating repairmen, etc.) for unexpected home emergencies? These are two great blog ideas that your network will appreciate to have as they prepare for the holidays. Write up a few blogs and share them with your followers.

Do you have other great ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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